Founded in 1898, the Atlantic City Hotelman's Association was not officially incorporated until the World War II era. This group of Atlantic City Boardwalk Hotel owners and operators cooperated on a number of hospitality and tourism issues, one of which was extending the busy summer season. In an effort to bring more visitors to their hotels after Labor Day, the Atlantic City Hotelman's Association invited American states and cities to send representatives to compete in The Atlantic City Pageant each September. Thus, the Miss America Pageant was born. Like the pageant, the Association also changed its name, and it is now known as the ATLANTIC CITY HOTEL & LODGING ASSOCIATION. Their spirit of cooperation remains, however and the ACHLA continues to work together to solve problems, to create opportunities, and to improve the hospitality and tourism business through out the Atlantic City area. Not only do the members of ACHLA cooperate with each other, but they also have an outstanding working relationship with other agencies dedicated to promoting hospitality, such as:

The travel and tourism industry is one of the primary economic forces in Southern New Jersey, and in fact, the hospitality industry represents over 50,000 jobs in the Atlantic City area.  The ATLANTIC CITY HOTEL & LODGING ASSOCIATION is proud to represent this important segment of our economy.